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  I purchased a Seton Montana Fan top wood burning Cera-stove last August. I have run it all winter here in Interior Alaska and the last few weeks it has been -40 to -50 (f) . I am heating a 45x41 x14 high aircraft hangar and an attached 24x24 apartment with a 24x14 bedroom up stairs. The stove works pretty well and does everything Fred Seton said it would do. I burn mostly birch firewood, however I have used spruce also. The stove is simple in design and the fire burns so hot that it makes little or no creosote. I have checked the chimney a few times this winter and it has virtually no creosote, only a light brown coating.
  I load the stove in the morning at 6 am and it still have about 6-8" of coals and is still blowing hot air when I come home at 5 pm at night. It keeps the hangar in the 70-80's most of the day even at -40 and I have a fan that blows into the apartment.
  My regular heat system is radiant floor heat and a Burnham v-15 oil fired boiler. It averages 10-12 gallons per day without any wood heat. I calculated that I would need 10-15 cords of wood to heat this season and at $225 a cord = $3375. So far this winter I have consumed about 7 or 8 cords.
  I normally go thru 3000 gallons of oil from August to May at $3.20 a gallon=$9600.
This is not entirely accurate because I still use my boiler to heat my domestic hot water. I wish I had purchased a Seton wood fired gasification boiler and my do so in the future.
I have had lots of different wood stoves in the past and I while I can't quantify it , this Seton wood stove burns less wood for the tremendous amount of heat that it puts out.
Fred is kind of a crusty old guy to deal with , but others in the heating industry say he is honest and I tend to agree. I also believe he KNOWS his stuff. I would buy another stove or boiler from him in a heart beat.

  Thank you for your nice welding job on the big stove, the good fit and very nice fitting door. I really like the simplicity of the handle, and the draft is a work of art. It just sets there looking like it dares some cold air to show up and be neutralized. I sure wish I had known of this stove 6 years ago when I built the house. I could have had a foundation modification done much like an egress window, and dropped the wood over the side and falling below to basement level. An insulated door could have been installed to make the house secure, just allowing you to open the door from the inside to gain access to the wood. Most of the mess would have been outside, and the location would have been just opposite the basement stairs. If I left the basement door open and the fan on, the heat would have warmed the basement and blew up stairs too. The Chimney could have been routed right up through a bedroom above in it's closet, no visibility at all. Wow, what a heating bill saver it would have been. Thanks again Fred, I get up your way someday I'll buy dinner.     Bruce

  On 4/26/2011 5:32 PM, John Fosket wrote: Hello Jim, I am getting ready to order a Teton Step Top model from Fred. Any negatives you care to mention? as I said in past emails, I bought one of his wood boilers three seasons ago and I am pretty satisfied with it.

  Thanks for any and all honesty, John.

  John, I am now burning the Commercial and nothing I sell compares with it. Last yr. I used a Bighorn and it was also very good.

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