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to serve others with the knowledge and experience that God has given me. 

Fred, when I sold the Bighorn I put the biggest Hearthstone Equinox on the flue it sells for $4,300. Today I put your commercial stove on the flue. It heats twice what the Equinox will do and sells for $3,000.

Feel free to have any interested party's call me.

Jim Fulling, owner                Mountain Spa & Stove Inc.

              Sandpoint Id.   phone & fax   208-263-0582   email:

Dear Fred, I just wanted to let you know my wood stove arrived and was installed a week ago. The stove was designed like nothing I have ever seen. It heats my entire (very large) home with such efficiency I can not believe it. I do not have to worry about a chimney fire due to the fact it does not create creosote like my previous stove, so I can go to work for the day worry free while my stove is heating my home. You made a heating man very happy.    Thank you.  Mark Howard'     

Fred, I still love my wood stove, I used 6 cords this year compared to 3200 gallons of oil last year. I am waiting for your new stove that generates electricity.   


Fred, we are well into winter now in northern Ontario Canada and I am extremely happy with the stove I purchased from you early last summer. The house is well over three thousand square feet and I will definitely use less wood then all previous winters.
  I built a hot water coil out of one inch stainless steel pipe, installed it into the stove and hooked it up to a 75 gallon stainless steel indirect fired hot water tank. The system works well and provides us with more then enough hot water.
  Rather then purchase a molded refractory liner for the cook stove that we have in the kitchen I would like to build my own liner out of refractory cement and was wondering if the product you use would be adequate and if not could you recommend a product. Ken

FRED  Your -- Our stove is better than the best, wonderful, and the heart of our house.  We've waited to tell you till we got past all our questions and have learned how to "drive" it. Reliable is the word. Our first big experience was creosote (not yours) that had accumulated in our 30-year-old masonry chimney.  So a few good high burnings, plus trisodium phosphate, and re-sweeping it several times got us in the clear for the burn season. Now we're cooking. I'm in touch with some "Green" architect-developers here in Western Massachusetts. What info and brochures can I supply them regarding not only your stoves, but the Seton boiler for clustered housing projects?

I thank you for a great good service.   

Putting another on the fire the size of a telephone pole

It's butt ugly but a serious heater. I'll send a pic. It burns at 1500 degrees, it's a gasification system no creosote, & very little ash. Jealous! I love that stove.